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  Beer is made from barley. Hops are important too, so is yeast ... but beer is made from barley. It makes up 99% of the ingredient bill. The beer's heft, pallette, alcohol content, color and (largely) flavor are all determined by the barley it starts off with. It's incredible what brewers and distillers can do with the same ingredient; with only some of it slightly varied.

  We are a company that handles (malting quality) barley, primarily, and processes and prepares it for the brewer or distiller. Since we don't grow any small grains ourselves, we are 100% reliant on our grower partners. We recognize how important this relationship is and will offer contracts and key partnerships with growers we do business with. Call or use the contact us form  for more information about becoming a partner.


  We prefer two-row barley, any variety deemed acceptable by the American Malting Barley Association. They publish a list of their approved varieties annually, and that can be found here.

  While we do currently accept approved six-row varieties, we prefer two-row.

Wheat & Rye

  Although barley is king when it comes to brewing beer, wheat and rye are the next two most heavily used grains. We source both of these grains from our grower partners as well as barley. This diversity both helps our operation run more efficiently and gives our customers more choices when seeking out New York ingredients.

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