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Convergence Craft Inc.

About Us

Homebrewing like mad...

  Chris approached me (Dave) in 2013 about starting a micro brewery. As we were both homebrewers I'm sure he expected I would love the idea, which I did. Our first step was to fine-tune our recipes, and at one point we were brewing two 5 gallon batches a week. At this point I asked my long time friend Dan to join our effort. Dan was new to the world of brewing beer but brought with him a vast mechanical skill set as well as an incredible mind for business. He officially signed on in December of 2014.

Change it up a bit

  In January of 2015, we incorporated. Shortly after that I brought the idea of taking one large step back in the beer industry supply chain to Dan and Chris, who both quickly got on board with the idea. Instead of brewing the beer, we would supply brewers with malt and pelletized hops. This decision was made in part after reading about the NYS Farm Brewery Bill.

Refining our Mission...

To start successfully, we realized we needed to narrow our focus and put hops on the back burner.  Creating a lean malting operation and working with farmers to improve crop quality would be critical in the quest to make NYS malt a preferred ingredient.

The final piece of the puzzle

  2015 turned out to be mostly a hunt for funding, as our original funding plan fell through. In January of 2016 I brought in my brother, Tom, who agreed to both aid in the funding of the company as well as bring his decades of business expertise into the operation. We were finally a complete group. Although the four of us are all very similar in a lot of respects, we all have complimentary skill sets unique to the individual.



Thanks for reading a little bit about us,


Dave, Chris, Dan and Tom



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