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  While the craft brewing trend is all the rage right now, the craft spirits world is alive and very, very well here in NY. I was blown away the first time I tasted a NYS whiskey at a Taste NY event in 2014. I don't drink a lot of spirits but I do like whiskey; this was hands down the smoothest, best tasting rye I've ever had.

  Distillers are interested in a different set of variables when it comes to their malt. After we get the lab results back from our batch sample we post the diastatic power in °Lintner on our stock page ( Malt: Stock Available ). All of our malt comes with a copy of the lab report from Hartwick University in Oneonta, NY.

Other Products

  Aside from malted barley, we also stock wheat malt and rye malt.


  Since we are centrally located in the Capital District (Albany), we serve the entire state of New York from Buffalo to Plattsburgh to Greenport and Montauk. Please visit the customer page to learn more.


  There are plenty of farm distilleries out there that are actually farms! They grow their own grain and we offer a very competitive price for malting their grain for them. For more information see pricing or contact your customer representative.




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