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Base Malt

  The primary reason we are here is for brewers. Almost every type and style of beer starts with a healthy dose of base malt and that's what we offer. Although our typical stock is Pale Malt, we also offer Pilsner malt, malted wheat, malted rye, and unmalted versions. The unmalted versions are dried down to a very millable (or store-able) moisture contents.

Other Products

  Our profession is not just old, it's ancient. That being said, the small scale maltster is very new in our current day. The few small maltsters popping up across the state of New York are largely an answer to the Farm Brewery Bill, signed into law in July of 2012.  This also spurred the need for a new crop in NY, malting barley. This crop is becoming more and more available as time passes, but there is still a requirement for us to supplement our production lines with other grains when we don't have the barley available to malt. This is why we also stock wheat malt and rye malt.


  Since we are centrally located in the Capital District (Albany) we serve the entire state of New York from Buffalo to Plattsburgh to Greenport and Montauk. Please visit the customer page to learn more.


  There are plenty of farm breweries out there that are actually farms! These breweries not only want to brew beer but they also want to grow the grain and hops that they brew with. We tip our hats to these folks and we offer a very competitive price for malting their grain for them. For more information see pricing or contact your customer representative.




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